Creative Team


I retired from the Navy with a background in engineering, electronics, and cryptography. I have three bachelor degrees in computer technology, chemistry, and physics and education. After my MBA I taught math, algebra, and pre-calculas at City University until my retirement in 1999.  I have been the President of the Board of Directors for Nellie Goodhue Group Homes for the past 17 years. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Greenwood Home. I still find time to to spend in my shop making wood bowls, and love to get in a game of golf each week.

After retiring from teaching my wife, Terry, got interested in knitting and spinning yarn.  At one time she had 16 spinning wheels to spin with! Terry was the driving force getting me involved in the fiber industry, starting with the yarn bowls and then spinning wheel bobbins and flyers.  She restores older spinning wheels and I fix any mechanical problems she comes across. We make a great team.